About Massé Neuromuscular

About Massé Neuromuscular:

At Massé Neuromuscular Therapy we specialize in relieving pain. If you have been in an auto accident or had a personal injury we are here to help you get your life back.

A message from Rolando Massé

The founder of Massé Neuromuscular Therapy:
“It was my decision to open Massé Neuromuscular to better influence the lives of those around me. Throughout the years, I have continued my education and training in order to better serve each and every client of Massé Neuromuscular Therapy. Our treatments work when others don’t! It’s as simple as that. All our therapists have a passion to serve and heal and WILL help you live a fuller, healthier life. Read more about us below and I hope you will decide to call us and begin living your new, pain-free life.
Healthy regards,
Rolando Massé, LMT, NMT”


Why is Massé Neuromuscular Therapy different?

  • We are accustomed to working with insurance companies & attorneys, providing smooth and stress-free processing of your claim.
  • Treatments from Massé Therapy requires no upfront cost, regardless of who is found at fault in the accident — you will be covered under your auto insurance personal injury policy (PIP) and no surcharges will be accrued for Massé Therapy treatments.
  • If you’ve been receiving treatments at another facility but not experiencing much relief, be assured that Massé Therapy succeeds where other treatments have failed. Learn more about neuromuscular therapy.
  • It is proven that muscular massage therapy helps the body heal from injury, so consider supplementing your current treatment with Massé Therapy neuromuscular, swedish or deep tissue massage treatments.
  • Massé Therapy offers exceptional customer service with emergency appointments and flexible hours available.


Our Specialties:

auto accident injuries

pre/post-operative pain

migraines / chronic headaches

sports injuries

hip / knee pain

Stress Reduction

occupational stress injuries

back / neck / shoulder pain


whip lash

tingling / numbness in extremities

work injuries

painful joints

jaw tension / pain

carpal tunnel syndrome

persistent pain (inconclusive diag)