Meet our Staff

Meet our staff:

Rolando Massé

Rolando Massé, the founder and president of Massé Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy is a leader in the treatment of referred pain and muscular disfunction.  Rolando specializes in orthopedic& neuromuscular therapy and clinical massage therapy.  Rolando is also an instructor in myology, kinseology, and is a certified personal trainer.

Rolando Massé President & Founder
Gloria Valiente

Gloria Valiente specializes in swedish and clinical muscular therapies with training in reflexology, myofascial release, chair massage, deep tissue massage, and kinesiology.

Gloria Valiente Muscular Therapist
Svetlana Kuzmich

Svetlana Kuzmich specializes in deep tissue, swedish, and clinical massage therapies with training in kinesiology, myofascial release, chair massage, and myology.

Svetlana Kuzmich Muscular Therapist