I want thank you for restoring the full quality of my life with your healing hands! As you know, I have been a Physical Therapist for almost 25 years. Even Though I have tried both PT and chiropractic care over 20 years s since a M.V.A injured my cervical spine, I have been unable to fully resolve the symptoms. I had constant pain, burning and aching in my neck. In addition, I had almost daily headaches. I was becoming unable to lift , carry or work out at all, without suffering a severe flare up. I couldn’t imagined the joy of getting rid of this pain after all those years! After my recent ski accident, I was looking for yet another temporary relief solution… then I found you.

In just five treatments (that were not uncomfortable or difficult to endure) you have restored 100% of my cervical range of motion and I have no more headaches. Even when I work for hours on the computer or treat patients all day, there is no really no significant pain. I am most grateful to get rid of those horrible headaches. I continue to do the simple and now comfortable stretches and I feel absolutely great. I am able to work, do my housework, carry and lift without any symptoms. Best of all, I can work out with weights again. True to your motto; “My muscles are no longer getting on my nerves!”

I would like to thank you for patient , empathetic, and expert care. Your knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is outstanding, and I am completely impressed with your evaluation, assessment and treatment skills. I look forward to being able to send my patients to you for their soft tissue needs and will be forever grateful for your profound impact on my life!

Please feel free to have anyone contact me to provide them with first-hand knowledge of your skills and treatment techniques.

 - Maria O’laughlin, PT - Former director of Physical Therapy, North Suburban Orthopedic Associates, Inc.


I am an elderly woman who has been suffering for sometime from neck and shoulder pain caused by everyday stress and the daily routine of life. At one point the pain was like a toothache with very little relief. When Massé Neuromuscular Therapy opened in the same building I decided that I would make an appointment and see if a massage would help. I can honestly say that after the first appointment I felt relief and with each appointment thereafter, improvement. I am so glad I scheduled my first appointment and highly recommend Massé Neuromuscular Therapy.
 - Mary, Malden, MA


I have been suffering from pain and discomfort in my hip as a result of a very serious injury that occurred three years ago. I have tried physical therapy pain killers but they only provided temporary relief. I tried Massé Neuromuscular Therapy, not knowing what to expect. Now I am feeling better than I did before and with each visit my pain subsides. I highly recommend Massé Neuromuscular Therapy to anyone who needs a healing touch.
 - Merlene, Malden, MA


When I came to Massé Neuromuscular Therapy I was recuperating from a pulled hamstring, a pulled rhomboid muscle and a severely strained lower back . I was in a lot of pain and Rolando was sure he could help. With pain shooting down my right leg, I limped into his office that first day feeling a little pessimistic. I had spent the previous two months in physical therapy which had no real positive effect on the pain. So even though Rolando promised he could help, I fully expected to just receive a relaxing massage and then limp back to my car for the ride home.

When I arrived for my first appointment, Rolando spent several minutes with me so that he could fully understand my needs and explain to me the several therapies he offered. He decided, based on my symptoms that I would most benefit from neuromuscular therapy which would help release the muscles causing the shooting pain down my right leg. This was not the relaxing treatment I thought it would be but it was extremely effective. I was delighted to walk out of his office, just 1 hour later, with no limp at all. On my next visit he gave me a deep tissue massage to release the tightness in my rhomboids and both hamstring muscles. In less than two weeks I began to feel like my old self again and now, less than three months later, I’m able to resume my active lifestyle!

I’ve received several massages in my life but always believed that they were nothing more than a great method of relaxation. But in just a few sessions at Massé Neuromuscular Therapy, I realized that these treatments were like medicine.

 - Jeanne, Saugus, MA


I have been a patient of Rolando’s for about six months, and he is a Godsend for me. Although I’m only in my mid-20s, I had been living with chronic upper back and  shoulder pain for more than three years. I had seen doctors about it, been to other massage specialists, and even gone in for sophisticated tests at the hospital. No one could tell me what was causing my pain, and what’s worse, no one could do anything to alleviate it for anything more than a day or two at a time.

All that has changed thanks to Rolando and the neuromuscular massage technique that he has used in my case. Honestly, I just stumbled onto Rolando’s healing hands while doing a web search for a reputable, local massage therapist. I was expecting the same thing that I had experienced before: a very brief but very necessary relief from constant, movement-restricting pain. What I have found instead is a dramatic improvement in my day-to-day pain, my ability to perform strenuous physical activity, and even my own understanding of my anatomy and injury. The neuromuscular technique is intense to undergo (in fact it can be quite painful), but it reduced my pain significantly after just one session, and has kept it at a manageable and decreasing level ever since.

 - Max L., 24″