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There are various lifestyle changes and medicinal therapies that people use to alleviate pain and stress and to encourage better mind, body and soul interaction and productivity. Massage is one of the most therapeutic and highly recommended forms of therapy because it offers a plethora of benefits.

Far too many people are unaware of how much stress they place on their body and how stress can interfere with its everyday functioning. Research has continuously revealed that the effects of stress on our minds and bodies are tremendous. When not dealt with and processed effectively, stress can lead to a host of emotional issues such as depression, sleep deprivation, eating disorders and overall fatigue. On a physiological level it can contribute to illnesses such as heart disease, skin disorders, increase in blood pressure, chronic pain in the muscles and joints and it can also increase our susceptibility to illnesses and viruses.

Although our bodies are conditioned to be able to deal with and facilitate short amounts of stress, long-term stress produces chemicals which when released into the autonomic nervous system cause our bodies to go into a “fight or flight” mode. Over extended periods of time, remaining in an increased, hyperactive state such as this begins to wear the body down, causing the immune system and adversely, every organ in the body to work harder or shut down gradually.

Massage therapy is a therapeutic tool used in the medical and holistic profession and it has been proven successful in helping the body to return to its relaxed state, while at the same time prompting it to release the tension within the muscles and joints. Using particular techniques and motions, massage therapists are able to gently and effectively loosen and stretch the muscles, permitting them to release the stress and return to their natural, relaxed and healthy state.

At you can find the necessary information you need if you are considering or have been referred for massage therapy for stress relief or rehabilitation purposes. Rolando Massé, founder and president of Massé Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy, located in Malden, MA, is a well known advocate and leader in the treatments and therapies used for pain, stress and muscular dysfunction.  He also specializes in orthopedic and neuromuscular therapy and clinical massage therapy.

Masse, along with his talented staff members will ensure that every visit is enjoyable and that your needs are met. They will also explain the various treatments available which include:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Orthopedic Muscular Therapy
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
  • Classic Healing Swedish Massage

Engaging in massage therapy will offer each client a series of benefits which includes overall deep relaxation and stress reduction, the reduction of muscle spasms and tension, improvements in range of motions and improved posture.

Many who receive massage in Malden also report having the ability to breathe easier, their skin looking more nourished, healthy and radiant and also report faster healing after experiencing sprained ligaments or pulling a muscle.

These are merely some of the physiological benefits; massage also opens the door for many emotional benefits as well. Most find that after one or a few treatments that they become more aware of their surroundings, can assess better when they feel stressed, are better able to address and respond to stressful situations, notice an improvement in their sleeping patterns and overall feel a sense of peace and harmony.

If a better quality of life, less stress and reduced pain are what you are seeking, visit online, or call or visit their office and speak to their dedicated and knowledgeable staff about how you can begin massage treatments today so you can look, feel and function at your very best.